Conference "The Social Power of Emotions"

Wrocław, 6th December, 2018


The 'Social Power of Emotions' is the fifth conference; the event has been co-organised periodically by the employees of the Department of Sociology of Gender and Family (Institute of Sociology, University of Wrocław) and the Wrocław unit of the Polish Sociological Association. The thematic areas included in this next conference are issues that concern all members of late modern societies. Therefore, they constitute a significant object of both theoretical studies and empirical research within social sciences. The previous meetings gathered scientists from various academic centres in Poland as well as scholars from abroad, and they dealt with the socio-cultural aspects of gender, body and corporeality, sexuality and intimacy. We now intend to direct academics' attention to emotions. It is too often that some human beings are considered either emotionless or driven by emotion exclusively. We also tend to ignore the role of emotions both in our everyday lives and on a more specialised, academic level. The complexity of the question of emotions is underexplored. For this reason, the organisers are hoping to encourage a discussion about issues that are key to the comprehension of people's emotions as well as the resultant behaviours and motivations.