The Social Power of Emotions II

The Social Power of Emotions II - Scientific Conference, Wrocław 5th December 2019


This will be the seventh conference out of those that are regularly organised by the team from the Department of Sociology of Gender and Family (Institute of Sociology, University of Wrocław) together with the Wrocław unit of the Polish Sociological Association. The event is also being supported by the Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia. The thematic areas included in this next conference are issues that concern all members of late modern societies, thus constituting significant research subjects within social sciences. The previous meetings gathered scientists from various academic centres in Poland as well as scholars from abroad, and they dealt with the socio-cultural aspects of gender, body and corporeality, sexuality and intimacy. Last year, the first ‘Social Power of Emotions’ conference took place, directing attention to the complexity of the underexplored question of emotions. The event drew scholars and researchers from many academic centres. Therefore, we observe – and address – the need to continue the exploration of the said thematic area. We suggest that the upcoming event relate to the following questions (however, the list is by no means exhaustive):

– emotions as the central component of the human experience as well as the main power behind generating and motivating human behaviour and a variety of identities;

– emotions as the bond-forming and structure-generating power that can both create and damage interpersonal relationships and social groups;

– emotions as the subject of social control: from providing the norms of expression to implementing regulations regarding the meaning and conveying;

– the emotional involvement of people within (and by) social institutions;

– the mechanisms that incorporate emotions in maintaining social hierarchies;

– changes in emotional experiencing as that which reflects social/cultural/political/economic transformations;

– the systems of meanings and symbols, which create the interpretative framework for emotions;

– negative and positive emotions in the contemporary public discourse.


            Within the conference, the organisers recommend – and invite to – lectures that will be delivered by dr Małgorzata Sikorska (University of Warsaw), dr hab. prof. IP PAN Joanna Mizielińska (Institute of Psychology, the Polish Academy of Sciences), and dr hab. prof. UAM Piotr Pawełczyk (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań).


            The Fabrica Societatis journal will subsequently publish those conference presentations that will be sent as articles and will undergo peer-reviewing procedures with a positive outcome.




dr hab. Mariola Bieńko (University of Warsaw)

prof. dr hab. Rafał Drozdowski (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)

dr hab., prof. UWr Dorota Majka-Rostek (University of Wrocław)

dra hab., prof. UAM Piotr Pawełczyk (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)

dr hab. Ewa Banaszak (University of Wrocław)

dr Paweł Czajkowski (University of Wrocław)

dr Robert Florkowski (Poznań University of Physical Education)                                            



mgr Aleksandra Drabina-Różewicz (University of Wrocław)



170,00 PLN




  • 25 October, 2019 – deadline for submitting paper proposals (with titles and abstracts) to the following e-mail address:; the participation form can be downloaded from;
  • 30 October, 2019 – the organisers send feedback regarding the status of participation;
  • 15 November, 2019 – deadline for making the conference payment;
  • 3 December 2019 – deadline for submitting the .ppt conference presentation to the following e-mail address: (if the participant plans to have one);
  • 5 December, 2019 – the conference takes place;
  • 31 January, 2020 – deadline for submitting full academic articles for publication. The length of the article cannot exceed 40,000 characters with spaces.
The Social Power of Emotions II