Contemporary Parenthood: Cultures and Practices of Motherhood and Fatherhood

It is going to be the eighth conference in a cycle organised by the employees of the Institute’s Department of the Sociology of Gender and Family as well as the Polish Sociological Association. The subject matters of the subsequent conference sessions are to revolve around questions important to members of late-modern societies as they constitute significant objects of research within social sciences. The previous meetings – which gathered researchers from both local and foreign academic centres – dealt with socio-cultural aspects of gender, body and corporeality, sexuality, intimacy, and emotions. This time, we would like to look into family and the sphere connected with motherhood and fatherhood, which is an area where all the previous and above-mentioned themes co-exist.

            Contemporarily, we are dealing with many changes in the area of patterns and practices connected with family life. What is constantly changing is both ideas and expectations with regard to the roles of a mother, a father, and a child, and the the scope of possible and undertaken ways of fulfilling them. On the other hand, to some extent these patterns are always transferred inter-generationally, for without it culture could not exist.


            All this into account, we suggest that the conference should refer to the following subject matters (among others):

  • motivation (or its lack) to become a parent
  • continuity and change in the patterns and practices of motherhood and fatherhood
  • problems and obstacles to fulfilling parental roles (e.g. the phenomenon of the so-called parental burnout) and the socio-cultural conditionings behind these
  • contemporary sources of parental competence
  • socio-demographic diversification of parental cultures and practices
  • correlations between parental roles and other – formal and informal – social roles
  • non-traditional parenthood (same-sex, multicultural, single, within patchwork families, etc.)
  • the presence of the parentological thematic area in the contemporary public discourse
  • research methods that can be applied to scholarly explorations of parenthood


            Post-conference articles which will receive positive reviews will be published in the Fabrica Societatis academic journal.

Contemporary Parenthood Conference